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Professional Liability Group

Clapp, Moroney's Professional Liability Group counsels and aggressively defends a wide range of professionals including attorneys, insurance, real estate brokers and agents, health care professionals, accountants, architects and engineers against a variety of errors and omissions claims.  Professional liability claims require  representation by counsel who have specialized knowledge of the client's business or practice, and by attorneys with significant trial experience.  Clapp, Moroney's Professional Liability Group offers its clients the benefit of experienced trial lawyers who are sensitive to the particular needs of the professional and well-versed in the complexities of insurance, business and reputation issues which are often integral to obtaining a successful result for the client.

Directors and Officers

Working in conjunction with Firm's Employment and Business and Commercial Law Groups, the Professional Liability Group counsels and defends officers and directors of profit and non-profit corporations in both simple and complex matters including third partylitigation involving employment, contract, breach of fiduciary duty, ERISA, unfair competition, trademark infringement and theft of trade secrets claims, as well as issues arising out of the incorporation and dissolution of business entities.

Health Care Providers

Clapp, Moroney has long been recognized for the effective and successful defense of medical doctors, dental practitioners, mental health care professionals, pharmacists, and other health care specialists, including extended care and nursing facilities.  The Group's attorneys are particularly sensitive to reporting requirements applicable to many such professionals, and are skilled in protecting the reputation and livelihoods of health care professionals faced with claims of malpractice.


For 30 years Clapp, Moroney has counseled and defended attorneys in state and Federal courts throughout California.  Successful representation of attorneys requires counsel who themselves are respected and experienced trial lawyers.  Clapp, Moroney's practice is led by partners  who have practiced in excess of 20 years and are respected as some of the top attorneys in the State of California are all themselves “AV” rated with over 50 trials each to their credit.  The Group has represented attorneys through trial in a wide variety of  actions from negligence and breach of fiduciary duty to malicious prosecution, abuse of process, harassment and unfair business practice claims.


The representation of accountants requires a firm understanding of GAAP and business management principles.  The Group's attorneys who counsel and represent accountants all have business and accounting education and experience, and are aware of the practical issues which arise in the accounting profession.  The Group both counsels and defends accountants and accounting firms in a wide variety of matters including tax, revenue recognition issues, corporate valuations, sales, mergers and acquisitions, and reporting, as well as ethical and fiduciary responsibilities.

Insurance Professionals

Working in conjunction with Clapp, Moroney's Insurance Law Group, the Professional Liability Group's attorneys are skilled in the defense of insurance industry professionals in a wide range of actions.  Clients include managing agents, brokers, third party administrators and claims adjusting professionals who have looked to Clapp, Moroney for successful representation in contract, fraud and professional malpractice claims.

Real Estate Professionals

The Group's real estate specialists are skilled in the defense through trial of real estate professionals involved in disputes including the defense of actions alleging agent and broker malpractice, fraud, failure to disclose, breach of fiduciary duty, boundary line issues, encroachments, trespass and nuisance, as well as major property damage claims.

Architects and Engineers

Clapp, Moroney's Professional Liability Group has defended both architects and engineers in negligence and breach of fiduciary duty actions and are well versed in the complexities involved in these type of actions.


Whether called upon to provide  legal counsel, loss prevention advice, or the defense of litigated actions, Clapp, Moroney's Professional Liability Group skillfully balances the business needs of its clients with aggressive and cost-effective legal advice and representation.

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