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Environmental Law Group

Clapp, Moroney's Environmental Law Group represents individuals and companies in all aspects of environmental law, including toxic injury, asbestos, mold, silica, welding rod, Proposition 65, pollution and remediation. Utilizing its over 20 years experience in environmental matters, the Group seeks to represent its clients' interests aggressively, efficiently and cost effectively.

Toxic Tort Litigation

The Environmental Law Group represents clients ranging from individuals to Fortune 500 companies in mass tort, class action, multi-party and single party lawsuits. These cases arise out of a wide variety of occupational settings including industrial and manufacturing facilities, refineries, power plants, construction sites, clean rooms, shipyards and office buildings. The Group has defended cases involving carcinogenic and neurologic disorders arising from exposures to solvents, formaldehyde, cyanide and lead. Among products defended by the Group have been carpets, glues, paints and coatings, polymers, aerospace adhesives, laboratory chemicals and silicon chip manufacturing equipment.  The Group is skilled at assessing complex scientific and medical issues that are often involved in these cases.


The defense of asbestos claims requires both experience and efficiency. Clapp Moroney's attorneys have represented defendants for over 20 years in thousands of asbestos cases. Clients include premises owners, contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, distributors and installers of asbestos containing materials. The Group is skilled in the defense of asbestos claims arising from a wide range of products including boilers, ships, asbestos containing adhesives, fireproofing, gaskets, brakes and clutches, floor and ceiling tiles and a variety of building materials. Clapp Moroney's attorneys have extensive experience in all aspects of asbestos litigation includingtrials throughout California.


The Environmental Law Group has defended many different types of mold-related lawsuits, including developers, contractors, sub-contractors, property owners and managers, HOA, manufacturers of construction products, other types of defendants in the mold litigation. These cases have involved construction, personal injury, landlord-tenant and insurance issues. As mold litigation has expanded, so have the types of defendants.


We have unique expertise handling complex actions involving pulmonary fibrosis, malignancies and cardiovascular complications alleged as the result of silica exposure.  This includes a sophisticated understanding of mixed dust allegations in creating alternative causation defenses.

Prop 65

Clapp Moroney's attorneys have counseled and represented a variety of companies with California's Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 (Prop 65) issues. Our clients have included manufacturers, retailers, suppliers and employers. Our lawyers take pride in our ability to deal with plaintiffs professionally, yet aggressively, to successfully resolve Prop. 65 disputes.

Welding Rod

The Environmental Law Group has litigated cases involving exposure to welding fumes that allegedly cause neurologic disorders.  We have represented variety of defendants including suppliers and contractors in the Judicial Council Coordinated Proceeding (JCCP) in Alameda County, California.

Pollution and Remediation

The Environmental Law Group represents parties in ground, water and air pollution claims, including Federal RCRA and CERCLA actions. Cases have ranged from high tech to low tech sites, including silicon chip clean rooms, media tape manufacturers, industrial facilities, building material storage yards, underground storage tanks, auto wrecking yards and gas stations. Often these matters involve governmental oversight of assessment and clean up and, when necessary, the Group provides appropriate cooperation with local, state and Federal agencies on behalf of its clients as well as representation before government bodies on environmental matters.

The Environmental Law Group employs creative and aggressive defense strategies in all facets of pollution and remediation cases.  Clapp Moroney's attorney's understanding of the critical issues at the outset of an environmental remediation matter has benefitted our client with cost and time saving strategies.

Related Services

The Group frequently provides clients with legal counsel and advice on the complexities of insurance coverage for environmental issues. Working in conjunction with Clapp, Moroney's Insurance Law Group, the Environmental Law Group's attorney's provide policy interpretations and coverage opinions for both insureds and insurance carriers.

Additionally, drawing upon the skills of the firm's appellate law specialists, the Environmental Law Group represents clients in all facets of appellate practice. The Group's appellate successes include such significant environmental cases as Hunter v. Pacific Mechnical Corp. (1995) 37 Cal App 4th 1282, establishing California's summary judgment standard on the burden of proof for defendants in toxic exposure cases, and Setliff v. E.I. Dupont, et al. (1995) 32 Cal App 4th 1164, foreclosing suit where a party cannot plead the identity of the chemical causing injury.


Clapp, Moroney's Environmental Law Group is committed to providing the firm's clients with the full range of representation and counsel in toxic tort and environmental matters throughout California.

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