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Business and Commercial Law Group

Clapp, Moroney's Business and Commercial Law Group is a leading “boutique” provider of cost-effective legal services to small and mid-sized public and private corporations, which are often overlooked or ignored by firms that focus on the representation of large companies.  The work of Clapp Moroney's commercial group includes such areas of law as: strategic corporate formation, non-profit issues,  mergers and acquisitions, licensing, equipment leasing, real estate transactions, land use and environmental law, banking, public finance, fiduciary obligations, corporate governance, public disclosure issues, board composition and function matters, employee benefits, UCC and consumer warranties, trade secret protection, trademark infringement and unfair competition.


In today's volatile business environment, lawsuits unfortunately are frequent. Clapp, Moroney's attorneys emphasize cost effective litigation solutions designed to identify and evaluate issues and claims early in the litigation process. The Group's attorneys draw from Clapp, Moroney's vast trial experience in federal and state courts to provide its individual and corporate business and commercial clients with the finest representation possible.  Where appropriate, the Group's attorney's can draw upon the litigation expertise of Clapp, Moroney's Employment Law, Professional Liability, Environmental Law and Insurance Law Groups to represent clients involved in a wide range of litigated disputes from intellectual property matters, contract actions, corporate divorce litigation, and other commercial matters to employment disputes, real estate issues and other claims.

Directors and Officers

Working in conjunction with the Firm's professional liability and labor andemployment law specialists, the Business and Commercial Law Group counsels and defends officers and directors of profit and non-profit corporations in both simple and complex matters involving employment, contract, fiduciary duties, ERISA, antitrust, intellectual property disputes, as well as issues arising out of the incorporation and dissolution of business entities.

Intellectual Property

Business success can very often depend upon the successful development, protection and management of valuable intangible assets.  Clapp Moroney provides the legal expertise required by individuals and corporations to secure their intellectual property rights.  The Group assists clients in bringing ideas, product lines and even entire commercial ventures into existence while minimizing  the risk of infringement of the intellectual foundation upon which the business is based.  The Group has represented clients from Internet start-ups to publicly traded corporations.  Whether the task is protecting or evaluating a trademark in a domain name, evaluating an Internet tool package, preparing proprietary information agreements, defending a copyright infringement claim, registering a trademark in the United States or a foreign country, or licensing a software program,  Clapp, Moroney's Business and Commercial Group has the technical and practical experience to respond to clients' intellectual property needs.

Contract Negotiation

Avoidance of costly business disputes begins with a well drafted contract. Clapp Moroney's attorneys work closely with clients to understand and implement their corporate, real estate, licensing and employment plansthrough careful and aggressive negotiation and drafting contracts designed to prevent problems from arising once the contract is executed.  The Group includes attorneys widely respected and well versed in contract drafting and negotiating commercial leasing and executive employment agreements.

Incorporation and Dissolution

The Group routinely provides clients with a framework for understanding the complexities of laws governing business organizations, specifically addressing the oftentimes confusing interrelationship of statute, caselaw, procedural rules and common law concepts surrounding incorporation and dissolution procedures.  The Group's attorneys skillfully balance each client's individual business needs, providing a critical analysis of incorporation options and procedural requirements, as well as aiding in the swift dissolution process.


Clapp, Moroney's Business and Commercial Law Group provides its clients with a full range of legal services, along with its commitment to work as an effective, cost-efficient partner on the road to business success.

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