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Employment Law Group

Clapp, Moroney's Employment Law Group counsels clients on all aspects of the employment relationship, from the initial interview and hiring to wage and hour disputes, employee privacy issues, to wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment and other workplace controversies.

The Group's philosophy stresses claim prevention and early intervention to avoid costly employment disputes.  Close client relationships allow the Group to identify each client's individual needs and unique concerns, and to tailor legal services to each client's specific and unique requirements.


Avoidance of costly employment litigation begins with the establishment of effective employee policies and procedures.  The Group's attorneys work in tandem with clients to develop employment policies tailored to each client's particular needs, including employee handbooks, training materials, and seminars and workshops for managers and staff.  The Group's attorneys also work closely with clients to periodically review employment policies and procedures to ensure compliance with ever changing and evolving State and Federal laws.

When issues arise, the Group emphasizes early intervention to resolve problems internally.  Clients routinely consult with the Group's attorneys for advice on handling “problem” employees, internal grievances, harassment claims and investigations, leaves of absence, workplace privacy, drug and alcohol issues, independent contractor/employee distinction issues, disability accommodation, layoffs, involuntary terminations and employee severance agreements.

Administrative Claims

Clapp, Moroney's attorneys frequently provide client representation beforea wide range of administrative agencies, including the EEOC, California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, Employment Development Department, and the California Labor Commission.  The Group's efforts have resulted in the successful resolution of numerous harassment and discrimination, overtime and equal pay claims at the administrative level, avoiding more costly litigation.


When lawsuits are unavoidable, Clapp Moroney's attorneys emphasize a rapid response, drawing upon the Group's knowledge of clients' businesses to identify creative and cost-effective litigation solutions.  Unlike many other law firms, all of the Employment Law Group's attorneys are seasoned litigators who are prepared to aggressively defend clients' interests when employer/employee disputes cannot be fairly resolved at an earlier stage.

The Group's attorneys represent clients in state and Federal courts throughout California, and are well-versed in summary motion and trial practice.  Clapp, Moroney's experience in defending the full range of employment law litigation  allows the Group to provide effective and vigorous representation without losing sight of bottom line defense costs.  Where appropriate the Group also can draw upon the Firm's expertise in other legal specialties to assist in managing and resolving complex disputes.

Arbitration and Mediation

Where Alternative Dispute Resolution is appropriate, the Group is well-versed and experienced in all forms of ADR including mediation, private and judicial arbitration, neutral evaluation and other creative techniques. The Group also works with clients to develop and implement pre-hire employment dispute arbitration agreements.  Some of the Group's attorneys themselves often serve as neutral arbitrators of employment law disputes.


Taking pride in its ability to provide clients with effective and efficient legal advice and representation within the context of each client's particular business needs and interests, Clapp, Moroney's Employment Law Group is dedicated to assisting employers to achieve success.

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