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Insurance Law Group

The Clapp, Moroney, Bellagamba, Vucinich, Beeman + Scheley  Insurance Law Group assists clients on all aspects of insurance law, from coverage analysis and claims practices advice to aggressive defense of complex actions for bad faith, declaratory relief and insurance professional malpractice.

Advice and Counseling

Avoidance of costly bad faith litigation starts with well thought out claims handling policies and procedures and effective, prompt, expert analysis of coverage questions when they arise.  Clapp, Moroney's attorneys work closely with clients to develop and implement claims procedures designed to prevent first and third party disputes.  When coverage questions occur, the Group's attorneys are skilled in the critical analysis necessary to provide thorough and effective policy interpretation and application advice.  The Group's coverage analysis expertise extends equally from simple personal lines to complex specialty lines issues and from commercial liability to professional E & O policies.


When lawsuits are unavoidable, Clapp Moroney's attorneys emphasize  aggressive and cost effective litigation solutions drawing upon the Group's  knowledge of clients' businesses goals and needs to identify creative defense plans on a case by case basis.  Unlike many other law firms, all of the Insurance Law Group's attorneys are seasoned litigators who are prepared to appropriately defend clients' interests when insurance bad faith actions arise.

The Group's attorneys represent clients in state and Federal courts throughout California, and are skilled in summary motion and trial practice.  Clapp, Moroney's experience in defending the full range of insurance law litigation  allows the Group to provide effective and vigorous representation without losing sight of bottom line defense costs.  Where appropriate the Group also can draw upon the Firm's expertise in other legal specialties to assist in managing and resolving insurance law disputes.

Declaratory Relief Litigation

When judicial interpretation of coverage issues is necessary, the Group's attorneys are well-versed in the pursuit of Declaratory Relief actions in all state and Federal Courts.  Clapp, Moroney's lawyers have represented insurers in a wide variety of Declaratory relief actions, from environmental and toxic tort matters to personal and property damage issues, construction defect claims and business disputes.  The Group's attorney's also aggressively pursue equitable and legal contribution actions in primary and excess insurer disputes.

Insurance Professional Liability

Clapp, Moroney's Insurance Law Group's litigators are particularly skilled in the defense of insurance industry professionals in a wide range of actions. The Firm's clients include managing agents, brokers, third party administrators and claims adjusting professionals who have looked to Clapp, Moroney for successful representation in contract, fraud and professional malpractice claims.


Dedicated to effective and cost effective advice and representation, Clapp, Moroney's Insurance Law Group is proud to represent some of the nation's largest and most successful insurers and insurance industry professionals.

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